Meizitang Ireland 100% Authentic Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel and Meizitang Strong Version Capsule!
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  • 1 Bottle Meizitang Botanical Slimming Strong Version
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1 Bottle Meizitang Botanical Slimming Strong Version

1 Bottle Meizitang Botanical Slimming Strong Version

Product Description

Meizitang Strong Version (MSV) is the strong version of Meizitang Botanical Slimming Softgel.
Botanical slimming softgel (strong version) is enhanced strong formula of original Meizitang Soft Gel, which contains 20% more effective ingredients and formula that can make the user lose weight faster. Meizitang Strong Version can effectively burn fat, accelerate metabolism and delay skin caducity.

* Spec: 650mg * 36 pcs
* Brand: MSV

All Genuine Soft Gels are with laser mark MSV.
Please contact us If you find any Meizitang Strong Version with no laser mark MSV or Fake
Laser mark in sake of safeguarding of your health.

Functional Ingredient ProportionContents
Xianxian cao 21%79.8 mg
Jobstears 18% 68.4 mg
Artemisia dracunculua 12% 45.6 mg
Psyllium Husk 19%72.2 mg
Bamboo Shoot 16% 60.8 mg
Lotus leaf 14% 53.2 mg

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Customer Testimonials

I started taking Botanical slimming on May 1st. after many failed attempts at losing weight I strongly feel that I finally found something that works for me and countless others! I am always recommending this product to friends and family. More than 10 people in my family are currently taking botanical slimming and have lost weight as well. I have lost a total of 40lbs and still proudly losing.------ By Phillips

Hi I have been taking these soft gels for two weeks I'm very satisfied I've lost 6 lbs is there any way to get a faster result what do you recommend. My goal is to loose 40lbs and for the first time I feel I'm going to achieve it I'm really never hungry.------ By Diana

I have been taking these soft gels for two weeks, I'm very satisfied I've lost 6 lbs. I decided to go on them again as I loved the results they gave me and the feeling that I actually liked my new me.------ By Davis